AI and XR to Deliver Value-Added Solutions

AIS -Applying ELMOS – Augmented Intelligent Solutions (AIS) is a solution provider that brings together 80 collective years of industry expertise with specializations in technologies, utilities, transportation, education, operational excellence and marketing to drive a more digital workforce and deliver value-added, innovative solutions that leverage AI and XR technologies.

AIS provides support and services through our partnership with Innovative Industrial Solutions (IIS) & RISE Corporation.

ELMOS solutions can transform current operations, maintenance and learning processes into digitally enhanced solutions that provide greater cost and processing efficiencies for businesses.

Learning Transformation – leveraging current curriculums, applying XR applications to create virtual and augmented environments to drive human performance to the highest levels.
-Virtual Environments where teams can learn, collaborate, practice, assess, and receive performance feedback.

-Knowledge management frameworks to document, retain, promote and sustain specific knowledge and skills requirements for processes, tools, and equipment to ensure knowledge retention, business continuity, and worker safety.

New, effective methods in delivering e-learning activities using micro-apps that incorporate higher-engagement events that trigger understanding.

AIS uses the term “Learning” as it is more encompassing than training. Learning occurs not only in formal training, but while workers are engaged on-the-job, in-the-field, in discussions with colleagues, including many informal situations.

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