Applying ELMOS

Leveraging AI and XR to Deliver Value-Added Solutions

AIS -Applying ELMOS – Augmented Intelligent Solutions (AIS) is a solution provider that brings together 80 collective years of industry expertise with specializations in technologies, utilities, transportation, education, operational excellence and marketing to drive a more digital workforce and deliver value-added, innovative solutions that leverage AI and XR technologies.

AIS provides support and services through our partnership with Innovative Industrial Solutions (IIS) & RISE Corporation.

ELMOS solutions can transform current operations, maintenance and learning processes into digitally enhanced solutions that provide greater cost and processing efficiencies for businesses.

  • Learning Transformation – leveraging current curriculums, applying XR applications to create virtual and augmented environments to drive human performance to the highest levels.

-Virtual Environments where teams can learn, collaborate, practice, assess, and receive performance feedback.

-Knowledge management frameworks to document, retain, promote and sustain specific knowledge and skills requirements for processes, tools, and equipment to ensure knowledge retention, business continuity, and worker safety.

New, effective methods in delivering e-learning activities using micro-apps that incorporate higher-engagement events that trigger understanding.

AIS uses the term “Learning” as it is more encompassing than training. Learning occurs not only in formal training, but while workers are engaged on-the-job, in-the-field, in discussions with colleagues, including many informal situations.


Maintenance and Safety Focus

  • Scanning Services – in partnership with IIS where our staff can take collected data to create ELMOS solutions.

-Scanner / Camera products: LEICA RTC360 – .1” accuracy of 30’ and .25” at 30 meters

-Planning Applications – detailed 3D (digital twins) designing workable plans to support outages or online

-Scanning, as a service – 3D scanning and modeling as a service

  • Modification and design work -3D models for planning Modification work and design changes
  • Pre Job-Brief Applications – accurate 3D models of plant/facility applied to Nuclear ALARA Briefs provide a more thorough, detail of location information before going into the field to discuss safety issues.

ELMOS - Our Solution FrameworkBy leveraging AI, XR and scanning technologies, AIS is able to help organizations drive required business results though our framework, ELMOS.


Engage all generations and attract a new generation of top talent using the latest, innovative technologies designed to increase user engagement in training and everyday work activities


Transform learning programs to drive human performance processes,  increasing understanding and knowledge retention, and improving safety


Implement Augmented Reality (AR) and predictive analytics (AI) for improved “Asset Management” processes


Provide real-time data visualization on an accurate model of the plant equipment to promote accurate decision-making to ensure for effective operations


Improve safety – with Engagement, improved learning by addressing specific issues, better workplace management of coworkers, and better operations utilizing intelligent software that continuously learns to drive process excellence


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