Customer Engagement Results

Engagement and Learning: LOTO-Targeting Safety Processes for Complex Situations

Lock Out – Tag Out

  • Improve efficiency and Reduce costs associated with LOTO training
  • Ensure for a high-quality, learner engagement process and variable course-delivery options that address specific learning groups
  • Drive an improved human performance result  by reducing errors associated with LOTO process
  • Create a customizable environment to allow instructors to substitute in and out safety issues based on feedback metrics

Operations: Enabling Operational Excellence

Substation Switching Safety

  • Reduction in errors and adverse events
  • Paperless integration with Online Work Order System
  • Real-Time Remote Subject Matter Expert Support
  • Reduce downtime due to outages

Automated Equipment Identification

Planning: Enhanced Coordination for Actionable Problem-Solving

A major Oil and Gas company needed to enable dramatic improvements to complex field planning, monitoring, operations and training. Field planners are able to import satellite and aerial images, equipment models, geospatial information and operational data to plan and problem solve across expansive and remote geographies.

  • More efficient planning
  • Team-wide access to key information and visual content
  • Enhanced coordination with remote experts
  • Reduced Travel Expenses


Oil & Gas Industry


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