Generational Engagement Differences

How AI and XR Can Help Solve Our Business Challenges

2 – New Hire Generational Differences

AIS Learning Solutions offer learning solutions that not only engage new-hires with cutting-edge technology, our solutions also provide greater cost efficiency in training delivery modalities while improving learning quality and increased content retention.

  • Research* indicates that Millennials (84%) and Gen-Z (91%) use devices and define gaming as part of who they are.
  • Implementing XR learning solutions is as a recruitment tool for these generations.
  • Studies have shown that XR solutions positively improve understanding and knowledge retention.
  • XR solutions can impact and improve the quality of training delivery and learning results.
  • VR experiences promote multi-sensory experiences: visual, audio, and haptic (touch, manipulate). Training solutions can include learning, practicing, integrated assessments with auto-feedback to users, instructors, managers.