O&M Cost Management

How AI and XR Can Help Solve Our Business Challenges

3 – O&M Cost Reduction

O&M cost reductions can be achieved through better operations, safety and asset management.

Let’s consider some of the positive impacts with using better Data derived from AI processes:

  • Data, analytics and its visualization is the future of personnel and asset management.
  • Devices, sensors, networks enable the important components: visualization and analytics.
  • AI solutions and data visualization can be applied to the models so asset operators can better determine data quality and problem identification even before entering the work area.

Improved Safety:

  • Safety is a target area where XR and AI can provide quality methods to learn, identify and mitigate the hazards in your work area.

Data Visualization –

Data Visual displays enable effective decision-making.  Using AI, we can combine data from target sources (Historian), and AI-advanced patter recognition (APR) data, plus links to local data sources (videos, thermal images) to create a robust visual display.

  • DNP initiative – is improved visualization of dose rates and survey data on a accurate 3D model of the plant. ALARA briefings can use live data feed from electronic dosimetry and require fewer surveys. This will gain less exposure and less man/hours required for manual data collection.

Capital investment for a project will save O&M in the future.