Operational Improvements

Solving High-Value, Complex Business Issues

AIS – Operational Improvements Augmented Intelligent Solutions (AIS) is a solution provider that brings together 80 collective years of industry expertise with specializations in technologies, utilities, transportation, education, operational excellence and marketing to drive a more digital workforce and deliver value-added, innovative solutions that leverage AI and XR technologies.

AIS provides support and services through our partnership with Innovative Industrial Solutions (IIS) & RISE Corporation.

Some XR applications are not suitable for every situation; however, they can address a wide range of use cases!  The question is –

Do you have a problem to solve?

Through our Discovery and Analysis history we have found that these are some of the problems you are facing that solve safety issues and address human performance challenges.

  • Driving knowledge retention to support business continuity challenges
  • Innovating training courses- providing interactive digital curriculums that trigger critical thinking, enhance understanding, and tie results into LMS
  • Creating engagement opportunities through on-boarding, safety, and Pre-job Briefs designed to engage employees in solving problems
  • Connecting SMEs in real-time, to support employees in the field
  • Monitoring equipment located in hard-to-reach or dangerous places, and automatically track tools to avoid creating hazardous situations or FM foreign material risks
  • Guiding employees to locate and identify correct equipment


Where do you have 2 or 3 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that have been performing specific work activities for the past 30 years

If you have Task Qualifications and are down to 2 or 3 individuals qualified in specific tasks, consider an Augmented Reality Application to assist with KTR

Identifying use cases for specialized “Advanced Electronic Assistance” in the field can be easily found in your Maintenance and Operational Activities

Learning that leverages XR-type applications can both improve employee satisfaction and increase understanding of complex processes


Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about AIS.