Augmented Intelligence Solutions

Augmented Intelligence Solutions (AIS) is a solution provider that brings together 80 collective years of industry expertise with specializations in technologies, utilities, transportation, education, operational excellence and marketing to drive a more digital workforce and deliver value-added, innovative solutions that leverage AI and XR technologies.

AIS provides support and services through our partnership with Innovative Industrial Solutions (IIS) & RISE Corporation.

As part of industry modernization Digital Transformation is necessary on all levels. Creating a Virtual Twin of a sub-station, factory floor, equipment and asset rooms gives organizations an opportunity to step into the digital future. And this has become easier to achieve goal now!

Interactive 3D model (Navigable Virtual Environment with Real-Time Facility Data) 

  • Asset Tracking : People, Equipment (Pumps, Motors, Valves), Devices (Electronic Radiation Detectors, Sensors)
  • Facility Data Tracking & Trending
  • Live Video Feed


  • Safety : Pre-Job Brief (Virtual Tour with Live Data Feed), Just-In-Time Training (JITT)
  • Operations Real-Time View with facility data on a 3D model
  • Learning/Training : Knowledge Transfer and Retention, Virtual Simulator, Virtual Practice for JITT

AIS Learning Solutions offer Cutting Edge Technology that provides increased Student Engagement and Content Retention. (Extended Reality (XR) is a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that can create a Interactive Gamified Learning Experience)

Dale’s cone of learning 

  • Research indicates that Millennials (84%) and Gen-Z (91%) use devices and define gaming as part of who they are.
  • Studies have shown that XR solutions positively improve understanding and  knowledge retention.
  • XR solutions can impact and improve the quality of training delivery and learning results.
  • Implementing XR learning solutions is as a recruitment tool for these generations.
  • VR experiences promote multi-sensory experiences: visual, audio, and haptic (touch, manipulate).
  • Training solutions can include learning, practicing, integrated assessments with auto-feedback to users, instructors, managers.

Virtual Simulator

  • Just-in-Time Training (JITT): Practice in a Safe Environment
  • Train employees virtually, provide instructions, perform knowledge assessment test and Document training records.


  • Virtually train employees on Lock out Tag out, fire drill,
    Hazard Recognition.
  • Other Specific Issues creating custom training solutions.
  • Gamified Learning: Cyber Security, Work From Home, Switching Operations.
    Train new employees for plant and floor safety.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Retention.
  • Specific Training Modules for infrequently performed activities.
  • New part assembly processes.

O&M cost reductions can be achieved through better operations, safety and asset management.

Here are some of the positive impacts with using better Data derived from AI processes:

– Data, analytics and its visualization is the future of personnel and asset management.

– Devices, sensors, networks enable the important components: visualization and analytics.

– AI solutions and data visualization can be applied to the models so asset operators can better determine data quality and problem identification even before entering the work area.

Improved Safety:

– Safety is a target area where Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide quality methods to learn, identify and mitigate the hazards in your work area.

Data Visualization –

Data Visual displays enable effective decision-making.  Using AI, we can combine data from target sources (Data Historian: OSIsoft PI, Open Automation Software, Dremio), and AI-advanced pattern recognition (APR) data, plus links to local data sources (Stream Video Feed, Thermal images, Worker & Asset Tracking) to create a robust visual display.

– Delivering the Nuclear Promise (DNP) initiative –

  • is improved visualization of dose rates and survey data on an accurate 3D model of the plant.
  • ALARA briefings can use live data feed from electronic dosimetry and require fewer surveys. This will gain less exposure and less man/hours required for manual data collection.
  • Predictive Maintenance (PM) Asset Management

Capital investment for a project will save O&M in the future (Utilities).


  • Virtual Twin: Based on 3D model of Actual Plant Floor Space and Equipment
    • Radiation Protection (RP) Areas
    • Switch Yard/Sub-Station
    • Plant Process or Control Station Simulator
    • Augmented Overlay of Data on 3D model
  • Pre-Job Brief
  • Virtual Tour
  • Just-In-Time Training (JITT)

Engagement and Learning: Training in a safe environment

Ensure for a high-quality, learner engagement process and variable course-delivery options that address specific learning groups to ensure Knowledge Transfer and Retention.

  • Improve efficiency and Reduce costs associated with onsite training : Distance Learning in Virtual Training Environment, Reduce Travel Expenses for Specialized courses (Co-Worker Safety Enhanced by less Travel)
  • Drive an improved human performance result by reducing errors associated with work flow process by using Just-in-Time Training in a Virtual Environment.
  • Virtual Training Simulation can Create a customizable environment to allow instructors to substitute in Safety Hazards that require worker response to Safety Issues and provide Evaluation.


  • Training To Solve Specific Safety Issues
  • Office Safety : Cord Control for Tripping Hazard Safety
  • Facility Safety : Hazard Identification and Mitigation, Ladder Safety
  • Equipment Safety : Equipment Operations (LOTO)

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