Workforce Turnover

How AI and XR Can Help Solve Our Business Challenges

1 – Retiring Workforce

AIS Knowledge Management Solutions can mitigate loss of key competencies with our retiring workforce

  • Targeted learning modules can simulate environments that require specialized processes and skills to be executed that, currently, only a handful of employees perform. Using XR, new employees can learn, practice, and execute these activities.

Ex:- -Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Package Maintenance

  • 3 Mechanics left on site Qualified to Rebuild these seal packages (Targeted AR Module in 2021)

-Worker Protection Assurance (Lock Out Tag Out) Training Module

  • Virtual Reality Module to train Contractors and Plant staff requalification


  • Learning solutions using AR provides “just in time” training to be accessed on an as-needed basis to refresh knowledge for complex processes or one-off activities that are performed infrequently.